Modern Radiators

Smart designer radiators are a fantastic way of improving the look and comfort levels of a modern home.

modern towel radiator ideal for bathrooms

Radiators and valves

We can also supply high quality radiators and thermostatic radiator valves. These valves allow you to control the flow of heated water entering the radiator. The radiator thermostat is an excellent energy saving device. it saves energy by turning off the radiator when the room gets to pre set levels . the larger your  radiator the more efficient it is at  moving the heat from the water into your room.

Which is better suited to cast iron radiators, thermostatic or manual valves?

Manual valves are designed to be either on or off. They are not well suited to controlling the output of a radiator.

What is a bleed valve? An air vent (also called a bleed valve) is a small valve, which enables air that has accumulated at the top of a radiator to be let out or from the radiator using a tool called an air vent key.

All our central heating radiators will have an bleed valve/air vent.

When first filling the system it is air that is vented. On older systems that are dirty the periodic venting of system is actually releasing hydrogen which is the by product of rusting in the system. If regular bleeding is required it is a strong indication that the system is lacking corrosion inhibitor.

  • Bleeding a radiator means getting rid of any air that has accumulated at the top of your radiator, using the air vent/bleed valve. Ideally a periodic check at least once a year for air accumulation in your radiators is good practice.

    • Both valves at the bottom of the radiator should be open;
    • Attach the bleed key/vent key onto the bleed valve/air vent at the top of the radiator;
    • Unscrew the air vent and have a cloth ready to catch any water that will appear;
    • Listen for the change in sound from a hissing noise (the sound of air escaping), to a steady squirt of water. At this point you can tighten the air vent.


Corrosion inhibiting chemicals

we recommend you add a good quality corrosion inhibiting chemical every time a system is drained or part drained. we can supply great quality water treatment products.

like Fernox and Sentinel products

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